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Carrie La Seur

HomePlace cover


The Home Place, Carrie’s debut novel, is set during a cold Montana winter, so she wanted a clean and spare website to reflect that place and time. As Carrie is a seventh generation Montana, her heritage greatly influenced the content and graphics that were created for her site.

The main character in The Home Place, Alma Terrebonne, was named for Carrie’s great-grandmother, Alma Fly Kifer, so when we were putting together the Author Q&A, we made certain a photo of the original Alma had a place of honor on that page. When we asked Carrie for an old family photo to illustrate the Behind the Book page, she literally rummaged through an attic to find the wonderful drawing of her great-great-great-grandfather’s 1882 place in Gallatin County. She did have one unusual request — a page that would feature the Montana arts community. This was a delight to do, not only because we were introduced to so many extraordinary artists and photographers, but because of the amazing faces that illustrate the page.

The eagle in flight that appears throughout website, was edited from a photograph taken by Carrie’s friend, Dave Shumway. To create the image at the foot of each page, Bryan used the color photo below — taken by Carrie from a moving car. He first made the photo black and white, then used Photoshop to stylize the image to create the footer.


Carrie also brought an invaluable resource to the project. Her husband, Andy Wildenberg, is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Rocky Mountain College. We foresee no updating problems for Carrie.

The Associated Press deemed The Home Place “one of the year’s strongest debuts and Library Journal noted “Walloping in suspense, drama, rage, and remorse, this debut is an accomplished literary novel of the new West.”