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Darcie Chan

Recluse-with-Readers-Circle_large Redemption-cover-final promise-home

Darcie and The Mill River Recluse are a publishing Cinderella story. The novel was self-published as an ebook in May 2011. Three months later it hit the New York Times bestseller list and would go onto sell some 700,000 copies. Ballantine soon came calling with an offer to republish the novel and two sequels.

Darcie had done a terrific job designing the original cover for The Mill River Recluse — so good a job that Ballantine gave it only a modest redo — and wanted the homepage to include its dark blues and house on the hill. The homepage needed some color, so the hunt was on for photos of Vermont (it’s harder than you think to find just the right village and covered bridge). The silver spoons? A familiar image to the book’s many fans. The website debuted in June 2014 featuring only The Mill River Recluse, was updated shortly after to highlight the The Mill River Redemption and again on the publication of The Promise of Home.

One happy challenge was integrating the foreign editions of Darcie’s books. And a diverse collection it is — the German edition of The Mill River Recluse is all pastels, while the Danish edition is dark and foreboding. We created a Foreign Editions icon for each Book page that linked to a page featuring the covers and retail links. And since an author website must be a resource for both US and foreign media, downloadable jpegs of all the covers were placed on the Media Kit page.