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When Publishing was Crazy Fun

I remember when book publishing was fun. Crazy, joyous, riotous fun. I remember when herds of authors hit the Book Tour Trail and were welcomed with outstretched arms by producers, journalists and readers. Authors — even those who would never become famous — sat on the couch and talked to Johnny Carson and filled the Green Rooms at “Good Morning America,” CNN and “Today.” As a publicist booking author tours, I often worried if my client would have enough time to make all the interviews I could schedule in a city. It was good to be an author.

And BEA, then known as ABA. Let’s talk party. Parties on yachts, in Michelin star restaurants and Beverly Hills mansions. What happened after hours at ABA stayed at ABA …. sometimes. The convention floor was crowded with indie booksellers and media. Yes, actual media like the New York Times and “Oprah” trolled the aisles in search of stories and interviews. It was flat out fun to be in publishing.

When I first considered writing a book publishing log, I knew one thing for certain. I wanted it to reflect the joy that was — and still is — in the world of books. No lists of “must dos” to become a bestseller, mean spirited rants  or apocalyptic visions of what lies ahead for authors. I wanted a blog where authors, publicists, agents, booksellers, sales reps and publishers could share the stories we tell each other over a second glass of wine. The ones that make us whoop with laughter or cringe with “I have so been there.” I’ll be posting stories from myself and my friends and I hope you’ll contribute some as well. To protect the guilty, innocent or just plain embarrassed, anonymity is welcome.

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