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How We Work

The first thing we do is read your book. Honest. Reading your book opens all sorts of creative doors for us and is an integral part of how we work.

Next, we have at least one long conversation with you about the basics — is this your first book or are you an author with multiple titles? Will the site be for a stand alone title or a series? What is your reader demographic? Are there colors you simply hate? Then you’ll work with Lucinda to create an initial “roadmap” of your website — what needs to go on the Navigation Bar and on all the interior pages. As the site progresses, we’ll constantly reevaluate this map until we’re all satisfied that it meets your specific needs.

Once we have the initial site map, Paula will begin building the scaffolding for the website and putting together ideas for the homepage and overall theme of your website. While Paula is building, you and Lucinda will put together the content and photos that will appear on each interior page. A writer and experienced book publicist, Lucinda works closely with clients to craft content relevant not just to readers, but to media who will visit your site.

As the content is being written and collected, we’ll get your feedback on Paula’s ideas for the website theme and homepage. Once the graphic and design elements for your site are finalized and the content is complete, everything is loaded on the site and ready for a final look and “test drive” before it goes live.


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